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40 Days Gratitude Journal for the Purpose-Driven Woman

40 Days Gratitude Journal for the Purpose-Driven Woman

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The Gratitude Notebook for Women!

Why are some women living a more fulfilling life and are busy making and shaping history, while others stay stuck sitting on the sofa watching TV, thinking how life could have been so much better – if only I had…?

All the inspirational and highly successful women of the past and present started somewhere from a core foundation. So, many women out there just like you, who are reaching the pinnacle of their careers, are creating fabulous businesses, are making key decisions in life, while simultaneously successfully juggling their work lives with their family and home lives. Yet there are still other women struggling to make ends meet and constantly wonder how these inspirational and highly successful women can do it.

Who’s this Gratitude Journal for?

This is a gratitude journal for Christian women, a gratitude journal for women entrepreneurs, a gratitude journal for moms, a gratitude journal for single moms, a gratitude journal for single women, a gratitude journal for married women, a gratitude journal for divorcees, a gratitude journal for widows…In other words, this is the gratitude journal, the positive thoughts journal and personal growth journal for women of all ages!

Whether you are looking for a journal for self healing, a journal for self reflection, a self-discovery journal, a personal challenges journal, or simply a day guided journal, this inspirations journal packed with deep reflection, daily prompts and affirmations is the perfect relaxation for women.

Christian Personal Growth Journal

An Inner Peace Journal and a Spiritual Practical Guide, you will learn to understand spiritual laws of success, helping you become more emotionally healthy spirituality, so that you can experience freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear, allowing you find a path to calm, a path to happiness, and a path to joy.

Learn How to be Positive Again

Great Guided journals for Mental Health helping you Boost your Positivity with Strategic plans and tactics to get rid of self-sabotaging beliefs.

Learn to Love Yourself Journal

This self care guided journal and self-loving journal aims to help you nurture your self-worth, control your emotions, and learn how to get yourself back, so that you can release self-doubt, build self-compassion, embrace who you are, allowing you finding happiness in yourself.

Self-discovery Journal for Women

Create a life you totally love, learn how to embark on good daily living, create a more productive life, increase your chances of success, and discover personal success in business as you embark on a pursuit of happiness journey, with this personal growth and inspiration motivational self-help book.

How To turn your goals into action

In addition to daily inspirational scriptures, daily inspirational quotes, and daily gratitude prompts, this gratitude journal for women, is full of thought-provoking reflections, uplifting affirmations, and spiritual prayer corners, to enable women find freedom, and gain the confidence they need to live a satisfying life, create success and achieve extraordinary things as they begin to embark on a journey of self-discovery

This Self-improvement and Self-awareness Journal for Purpose-driven Women:

  • Guides you on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth and development, and encouraging prompts, through the seven core benefits of gratitude, from self-awareness to self-renewal.
  • Connects you with plenty of daily practical tips and structured paper to pen interaction exercises, which are included throughout, helping you achieve an objective and turn your goals into reality.
  • Helps you integrate your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and connect with God on a deeper level so that you can live a stress free life, turn your hopes into reality, and find joy for your life.


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