Sometimes life gets really busy for all of us.. Phone calls, emails, functions, bills and life's demands.. I find that there are days when I just look at one screen for hours. I am sure I am not alone. 

When that happens, we put off spending time with people we love with the excuse that there are simply not enough hours in the day. I use these words all the time! I love my job and I am a workaholic...So I am guilty as charged... 

But life is more than just work...

Last week I managed to finally catch up with a dear friend of mine and we spent the whole day talking, watching our children play and enjoying a nice meal and meaningful conversation. It felt amazing and we both agreed that it had been way too long since the last time we saw each other.. 

This week has been absolutely crazy for me with work and activities, but tonight, I have decided to organise myself better so as soon as I finish work I will make the time to take my favourite people down the beach for a long walk and quality time together. I find that if I organise my day by hour blocks, I get much more done and tick them off the list. Sometimes you need to actually make time to be spontaneous. It sounds totally crazy but it works and it feels great!

So when you find your days are getting too long and you find yourself holding back from connecting with the people you love, remind yourself that you do have the time. You just need to make a better choice about how to spend it. 

That's my promise for mad March!

Have a great month everyone..



This photo captures perfectly how I spend most of my days when I get lost and forget to look around. It was taken at my favorite place in the world just to remind me that every so often, I should look up and enjoy the moment. 

Are you guys the same.. 

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