So today was an interesting day I must admit...

This morning I looked through my briefcase and my purse and realized that I am in desperate need for a new business card holder.. I got to the point where I really needed to re organise a few things..

In between my meetings and whilst preparing for International Women's Day Conference, I went to the shop and looked through the selection of the card holders they had in stock only to find that there was a lot of blue and black..a splash of orange and some dark burgundy.. 

I approached the shop assistant and asked him if he had any more "feminine" colors like red or pink..but he looked at me a little puzzled and replied.."it's usually men that need that stuff"... "Really?" I said trying to stay calm... "Well, yes" he replied..

I KNOW! We are probably thinking exactly the same thing and I still to this moment don't know what it was that annoyed me the most... 

But let's not jump into conclusions!

I am a girl and love my pink and red..

I will go to a different shop tomorrow with an open mind and a genuine smile whilst trying to stay calm and not state the obvious...stay tuned and hope for the best..

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