I thought really long and hard on whether I should share this with you or not but I have decided to go ahead and do it. You will understand my reasons behind it shortly: 

Last night amongst all your lovely messages that I am still going through (and promise to reply to everyone by the end of the week) I came across a lovely email from three young girls living and studying in U.S.A who have been following Inspire.Me for almost a year... 

I was so happy to hear from them...

They are young beautiful ladies studying psychology. They kindly asked me to answer some questions some of which I now have permission to share with you together together with my answers.

1. Do you have a stylist picking out the clothes you wear? 

I do not have a stylist picking out the clothes that I wear, I do enjoy shopping like most women do and I have a keen eye for fashion which I like sharing with you on the blog. I take pride in my appearance, I love corporate clothes that make a woman look and feel classy but at the same time, I can't wait to slip into my jeans or shorts on the weekend when I am "off duty". Less is more, colour makes everything look better and you can't beat a nice pair of jeans and a white t shirt. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. 

2. How old are you? My life journey started 35 years ago...😊

3. What diet do you follow? 

I cringe just hearing this word. No, I don't follow any diet because I consider food elimination and calorie counting an extremely dangerous exercise. I suggest you don't go down that path either. 

In saying that, I try and stay healthy by eating lots of fruit, nuts and salads and my sugar intake is almost non existent. Sugar is poisonous and I keep away. I am also allergic to a few food groups which makes things harder at times. I eat everything in moderation and exercise regularly. 

4. Do you exercise every day? Do you take protein shakes-which one would you recommend? How do you keep your figure after pregnancies?

I exercise twice a week with my good friend who is a trainer and my psychologist 😝 πŸ™Œat times and I practice bikram yoga whenever I can.

Again, there is no such thing as a healthy protein shake-anything "artificially made" is NOT GOOD for your body. Exercise and a healthy diet are enough to keep you fit and healthy. Toning with protein shakes and other "non natural" products will only result to you losing shape as soon as you are off them. Exercise and healthy diet. No secret there. Keep it simple. 

5. Do you use tanning products to stay dark? 

This is funny. I get asked this question all the time! I am Greek. I have an olive complexion so I have to "blame" this one on my Greek heritage.

I enjoy soaking up vitamin D in Greece but keep away from the sun in Australia (in Australia the risk of skin cancer due to the sun is extremely high). Solarium studios have also been banned here as of January 2015 due to high health risk. Unless you are in low risk, due to your skin complexion, I would suggest you stay away from the sun and tanning products that are packed with chemicals. It's just not worth it. You age quicker! 

7. Have you done Botox yet and what's a good age to start? 

This one did make me laugh girls. No, I haven't done Botox yet, I know nothing about it. Maybe ask me again in 10 years time. I try to look after my skin as much as I can but I don't drink enough water and I suffer from insomnia which isn't good for my skin. I suggest you speak to a professional skin specialist and then choose a good hydrating cream -that suits your age- and eat healthy. What you put inside your body, reflects on your face. Stress and sleep deprivation have the same effect. Remember that for later. 

8. How can you be so active and happy all the time? Do you take vitamins or prescribed medication to boost your energy? 

I am definitely neither the one nor the other "all the time". I can tell you right now that as a young girl I used to be very "difficult". I went through lots of "ups" and "downs", heartbreak, sadness and I certainly made lots of mistakes in my 20's which I now like to call "life lessons". I still make lots of mistakes but maybe I deal with them a little differently now. 

I read a lot, I listen more, I speak less, I feel grateful for everything I have, I try to stay grounded and appreciate little things in life. The fact that I suffer from migraines has miraculously contributed to my happiness. I have days where I am literally in so much pain that I can not even get out of bed, open my eyes and look after my family. That's when I realize what precious gifts life and good health are. Smiling makes me instantly happy. You should try it every morning even if you don't feel like it. It works. Most of the time. 

9. What's your favorite things to do at your spare time? 

Thats an easy one. Spending time with my favorite people, playing hide and seek with my munchkins (I have the best hiding spots EVER), music, soaking up summer salt on a jet ski in summer and of course my absolute favorite.. cloud hopping ✈️

My biggest fear while reading the girls' email is that I have given them the impression that life is perfect. And that I am close to being perfect. Guess what? Life is not perfect and neither am I.. Far from... But that's ok! 

This is a photo of me this morning as I am writing this blog to you. No fancy clothes, no make up, no filters. 

That's me and I am not perfect.. Absolutely nobody you will every meet is going to be perfect. 

Life is a miracle, a journey, a roller coaster, a battle, a constant surprise.. 

Making mistakes is better than faking perfections. 

Stay true to yourselves