How many memories do you have from your childhood? Do you ever find yourself looking back on special times..

I remember when I was little girl. I must admit, there is lots I can't remember (will explain why another time) but there is always a few memories that never leave a little girl's mind..

My dad was my hero. My first love.

My superman. 

He was a maritime electrician and used to travel overseas frequently during the year. He was very successful, passionate and well respected from his colleagues. Social, pleasant and always smiling. He loved his work and was able to provide a great life for my mum and my sister. 

After I was born things were a little hard. You see, my dad had to travel but I didn't like him leaving us for so long and so often. My mum once told me that she always knew that dad and I would have a special bond because while I was a little baby I used to cry every night when he wasn't home. I was a very healthy child and wasn't sick but I used to get a temperature at night and cry. No doctor ever managed to explain why but when my dad decided to quit his work and return home for good, the crying stopped. 

He did it for me. My amazing, selfless and loving dad gave up his work that he loved so much for me and his family. I never cried again at night. My hero was back home. 

Looking back I realize that my mum was right. I do have a special bond with my dad. He was a young, energetic, funny, caring dad who used to spend hours playing with me and my sister. He took us to the courts in the evenings to shoot hoops and learn how to play basketball. He taught us how to swim without fear during our school holidays. He taught us manners and respect for other people and of course he taught us how to dance and feel the music because he is by far the best male dancer I know.

My dad made us feel like we were the most amazing and beautiful little girls in the whole wide world who could do no wrong. He spoilt us so much.. Maybe too much..but then again isn't that what a real daddy's supposed to do? 

I will never forget how proud my dad was every time I received a medal at gymnastics or a distinction at school. I could see it in his eyes. In his smile. 

I will never forget how good he was at making me feel better when I didn't make it. And I will definitely never forget the endless days when he used to carry me on his shoulders on our way to gymnastics when my knee was sore from an injury. 

As a teenager I cant even remember the numerous times when he would come and pick me up from wherever I was with my friends. He didn't care what time it was or where we would be. He would just come and pick me up even if it was 3am and he had to work the next day. He would wait for my call and would leave his bed just to come and get me. He never complaint about it. He was absolutely amazing.

Don't get me wrong we had our "tough" times as well, a little later, when I made choices he didn't approve of, but even then, I remember him desperately trying to understand me, made excuses for me and didn't judge me. I was wrong. He was right. 

Truth is, I never entirely appreciated all he did for us until I moved very far away, became a mum and couldn't see him as often. But isn't that always the case? Don't we all appreciate what we have after it's gone? 

You are probably all wondering why I am writing all this. Well, today is a very special day for us because it's my dad's birthday. And we are blessed enough to still have him around showing us nothing but love and reminding us to always smile but what he doesn't know is that he gave me the greatest gift of all; He believed in me. Even when no one else did. And I will always love him for that. 

My beautiful dad is healthy, in great shape and a really cool grandfather who is turning 62 tomorrow:

Happy birthday daddy. Thank you for always reminding me that life is a beautiful gift. The only thing better than having you for a dad is my children having you for a grandfather. 

I love you.

Your forever little girl