I must admit it is probably one of my biggest addictions. I have this thing with perfumes. I love looking at the new designs, feel the new engraved bottles, learning about new combinations and smell the air filled with magical little drops of heaven. I absolutely love the whole experience. If I am out shopping, there is no way I will not make a "lengthy" stop at the perfume bars to try the new fragrances and find a new favorite. I have two signature perfumes. One for the cooler winter days that is stronger with usually a sandalwood/cinnamon base  and one for summer which is definitely lighter and more powdery. 

Let's face it, there is nothing more elegant than a woman walking into a room and her perfume lingering. And, there is nothing more romantic and sensual than being in the arms of the man you adore and his smell to linger on your body for the rest of the day. It's like he is right there with you the whole day long. Magic.

Below you will find a list of my absolute favorite perfumes at the moment that I have worn and loved this year as well as some tips to help you choose the right perume this season. 


Trying to find the right perfume can be a little challenging in a world where fashion houses come out with all these amazing fragrances all the time. For me the first and most important part in choosing a perfume is to know your scents. There is a variety of collective notes such as woody, fruity, spicy, citrus or floral. We are all different so you firstly need to recognise which categories work for you. I am a fan of woody and spicy while floral just doesn't match my skin type. In every perfume there are three different notes that evaporate at different times; The first note hits your nose as soon as you spray the perfume on you. Once that settles, the "heart" middle note appears. That's the core of you perfume. The bottom or base note appears approximately 15-20 minutes after spraying so don't buy a fragrance until you smell all three notes. 


So now you are at the perfume counter trying on different perfumes. First mistake we all make is that we try on too many fragrances in one hit which results in more confusion. Keep it simple. "Coffee bean" intervals do help refresh your sense of smell but any more than four scents and your olfactory senses will become compromised. Stick to your four favourites and where possible take a small sample to try in the comfort of your own home. That way you can ask for feedback from your partner or friends before buying a whole bottle. 


Always remember that what smells great on someone else, doesn't mean it will "work" for you. It needs to work with your body chemistry which is unique. Never buy a perfume just because it smells good on someone else or because it's on special. Avoid shopping online unless you know what you are getting and you have fallen in love with that particular scent. Remember, the same perfume will smell differently depending on who is wearing it. A perfume is such a personal thing. 


Don't rush when choosing a new perfume. First spray on the card and let it settle for a couple of minutes. If you like the smell, then spray it on yourself. Allow enough time for you to go around, browse and smell. Try one perfume at a time and whatever you do, don't layer different scents because you will end up with a headache. Spritz one fragrance on your wrist, go for a walk around and let the scent unveil for a while. Give time for the perfume to settle on your skin so you can tell whether it works with your natural body chemistry or not. Try the next perfume on your other hand and don't mix them up. 


Always use the body's pulse points to apply your perfume. General rule of thumb is on the inside of your wrists, behind the ears, around the throat area, on your cleavage, behind your knees and on ankles and to be honest, I actually love a little spray on my hair. Don't overdo it though because you don't want the perfume to be overpowering. If you have chosen the right scent for yourself, then you shouldn't be able to smell the fragrance on you after a couple of minutes. If you can still smell it, then it is either not the right perfume for you or you have applied too much. If you apply on your ankles and knees, then you allow the perfume to float upwards and if you add Vaseline to the area that you are applying your perfume then your skin will absorb the scent much more and it will last longer. 


I can tell you right now that I have a selection of perfumes at home and none of them is of the same brand. They are all from a different fashion house. Don't stick to one brand as they usually tend to make one fragrance per note so experiment with lots of different ones until you find what's right for you. Don't limit yourself by narrowing down to one brand.  


And what I mean by that is basically that we should change our perfume like we change our wardrobe. Have one winter/autumn favourite and a spring/summer favourite fragrance. Winter perfumes tend to be heavier and stronger so they are likely to be overpowering and overwhelming on a warm summer day and summer scents are lighter and fresher so they would probably get "lost" on a windy cool day. 


Did you know that the first perfume dates back to Ancient Egyptian and Roman times and that the creator of the first perfume was a woman? It was called "per fumus" back then which meant "through smoke" given the fact that majority of smells were incense based. 

What is your favourite perfume at the moment? Do you have any more tips you can share with us? We would love to hear your thoughts? 

Happy shopping!