The one with all the New Year's resolutions. 

It's finally here! How exciting! Every January 1st we get to have a fresh start. We kiss the previous year goodbye and no matter how good or bad that year was, we are always happy to see it go. 

New Year's resolutions have sort of become a statement of hope. I don't know about you but I have had a few in my life so far, including, being more organised, breaking bad habits, travelling more, making a "realistic budget (I must admit...this one has never ever worked!), read more books, exercise, eat healthy, change jobs... Sometimes they worked, other times they failed as soon as they were made. 

But how is it, that we are always happy to just sit around and wait for a whole year to pass by, before we change something significant about our lives? Why not earlier? What's keeping us from making the switch? And if this is the case, and we only get one opportunity in the whole year, then why is it that we generally break those self promises almost as soon as we make them? 

As I am researching the most common New Year's resolutions, I can hear my two little kids playing together around the house. They enjoy each other's company but they always welcome other kids to play with them. I can tell by their laughters and giggles that they are in their "happy place". I wonder what their New Years resolution would be if they could make one. 

Instead, they are playing a game of "hide and seek". My son is only 3 years old and can't always find his older sister so she now sings a song while he is "seeking". Her instructions to him are clear: "close your eyes, don't cheat, play fair, open your eyes, wonder around slowly, don't rush and follow my voice. And if you can't find me, don't be sad and don't cry, just call my out my name and I will sing louder, until you find me. It works for them, every single time. 

And then it hit me. This is my promise to myself for 2014. This year, this is my mission. I will spend more time with the people I love but I will also open my heart and welcome new wonderful people in my life. I will learn from both. I will close my eyes, I will dream. I will be fair. I will open my eyes and really look around me. I will not rush. I will speak less and listen more. I will concentrate on my goals. I will aim higher. If things don't always work out, I won't be sad and I will not cry. I will stay focused and as always...I will keep smiling until I get to my "happy place". 

Just like a game of hide and seek. 

Happy New Year!