I must admit I hadn't heard of her before but when I saw her glowing face on Elle Australia the other day, I really felt like I needed to get to know her better.

Belle Gibson is a young mum, a blogger, a social media guru, an author and an app creator that has even led "Apple" to nominate it as the best food and drink app for 2013. 

Oh and before I forget...She is also a terminal cancer patient but she seems to have no time to worry about that. After all, it's her brain cancer and determination to shrink the tumor that has led her to all this success when she decided 6 years ago, and with only 4 months to live, to turn into healthy living and holistic alternatives in order to prolong her life.

Six years later Belle is still around to remind us that will power is our stronger weapon and determination the key to success. Personal and professional. To me, she is one of these women that breathe in their courage and exhale their fear. 

Her business "The Whole Pantry" with an amazing group of 200.000 followers on Instagram alone, her book and T.W.P application for iPads make her more than just an inspirational young woman. Belle is a game changer. A self made fighter who is out there to share the "whole life" philosophy with the world. Belle is here because she wants to send her message across that;  In life anything is possible!

And as Elle magazine quotes her in one of her Facebook posts, she is no victim:

"I live in an accepted place, where I try to not hide the real ness of living with cancer and pain, but also choose every day not to play a victim. All of my love, thank yous and strength goes to those who silently, courageously battle and to those who let go when they are ready to. Please don't try and carry me or my pain. I've got this. 

From me to you Belle,  

Thank you for keeping it real